Healthy & Strong Without Medicine Through Sholat Therapy

Healthier, More Enjoyable, Stronger, Durable Without Medicine nor Instrument; Only with Shalat Movements

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“Ecourse Shalat Movement Therapy”

Sourced from shalat movements, this e-course therapy will improve your body health and physical strength. This e-course is viral on social media, followed by couples aged 30-70 years old with participants from various countries such as Qatar, Malasyia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.

Ulcer, gerd, stomach acid disorders, geez, flatulence, eating disorders, and stomach discomfort are disorders that 2/3 of people on this planet experience. Taking wrong diet may cause bloating, diarrhea, and stomachache that makes you afraid to fast during Ramadan. So, don’t be afraid. Welcome Ramadan with healthier body through Shalat movements.

Your stomach,,,,,Your stomach,,,,,Your stomach

It is what our Prophet ﷺsaid in order to make us truly concern about our digestion. We know it, and the method is easy and fun. Albeit, its impact on our health has been proven since thousands years ago. This ancient method is very sophisticated for all people with cardiac disease, blood vessels disorders, nerve diseases, etc.

This eCourse will make you "Strong, Healthy, Enjoy"

Without Drug, Without Instrument

Safe without dangerous chemical and Equipment

Adding the enjoyment of jima

More pleasures await for you

Increasing the passion in your marriage

This is what you long for. Thus, this method is really suitable for married couples.

Shalat will be more Khusyu (devoted) and Tumakninah (calm).

Of course, you want to perform the best quality of your worship

The Consistency build after 3-5 days exercise

these are testimonials given by participants of Terapi Gerakan Sholat

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